Two New Workshops added to the Day Courses March 17 2024

Super Excited to announce not one but two new Workshops that will be available to book this evening (sunday17th march 7.00) through the website.


The first is our bespoke Tweed Cushion Workshop, I have also added the option of creating a Tweed draught excluder.  This workshop gives you creative reign to create a cushion or draught excluder bespoke to you, for you or as a gift to someone else using Yorkshire Tweed. All materials, Zip and inners are included in the price 

The cost of the Bespoke Tweed cushion or draught excluder course is £75 including a 2 course Sunday lunch by the Black Bull Inn Moulton

This Workshop is limited to 8 spaces this is so that I can assist you as and when you need it. 

This is a similar workshop to the first workshop what I created back in 2023.Here are some of the cushions the ladies made and the feedback from he day

Date: Sunday 14th April 2024

if you would like more information or to book a place follow this link... Day Courses – Sarah Garbutt


The second Workshop is the first of its kind for Sarah Garbutt Accessorise. It will be a two day workshop to create your first Yorkshire Tweed Aline skirt. On this workshop you will learn how to, read a pattern, match checks add a lining as well as learn how sew an invisible zip. On the day you will be able to choose from 3 skirts lengths these will be 17". 19" or 21"  

As this workshop is more skilled I have dropped the number of places to 4 so that I am able to best assist you.

Dates: Saturday 4th May and Sunday 5th May 9.30-4.30 both days

£195 for the two day Tweed Skirt workshop includes, all materials, threads and zip as well as Saturdays lunch (Soup and a Sandwich), Sunday 2 course Sunday lunch. 


As This is our first two day workshop creating a tweed skirt I have very little feedback but if its anything like the previous workshops we are set for a lovely, creative fun day with lots of laughs! 

Again here is the link that will be live from 7 tonight where you book your place on the 2 day make a Yorkshire Tweed Skirt Workshop  Day Courses – Sarah Garbutt


*NEW DATE* for the Taster day for beginner sewers... February 04 2024

New one day taster days for ladies keen to learn how to sew in a  really lovely warm environment. Ladies of mixed age groups join together and learn how to use a domestic sewing machine and create a memorable Yorkshire tweed scatter cushion in your chosen colours.  

What previous ladies have said about the workshops... 


Now Live!!! Taster Day for beginners learning to sew December 29 2023

Are you looking to try a new skill this January without committing too much of your time and money? 
Ever thought about one of our learn to sew taster days? 
After the success of the make your own tweed cushion course last year where beginners were taught to use the sewing machine and create beautiful tweed cushions using Yorkshire Tweed I have organised a second that will be happening on Sunday 28th January 2024!
This taster day has been specially put together for beginners to learn to sew based on the feedback I received in my last make tweed cushion workshop back in April 2023. 
This one day taster course will take you through:
  • sewing basics such as setting up your sewing machine
  • what each button, knob and lever does and what you need to know about them
  • followed by an afternoon experimenting different stitches to create a Yorkshire tweed scatter cushion.   

Finally using the skills and stitches you learnt through the day we will solidify your knowledge by creating a beautiful 12" tweed scatter cushion as a memory of your taster session. All fabrics supplied as well as a Sunday lunch supplied by the venue The Black Bull Moulton. 
So grab the girls, message your family and get them interested in having a fab day out as well as learning a new skill this January!
Don't own a sewing machine? no problem, hire one for the day for £10  
Date: Sunday 28th January
Time: 9.30-4
Venue: The Black Bull Moulton
Price: £75 (+£10 if you need to hire a sewing machine)
What previous beginners have said once completing this day course...  

Many Thanks for such a fun and inspiring day yesterday. I cant express how proud I was of my finished cushion. You were great, encouraging everyone to work at their own speed and giving us all confidence in our ability. I now feel like I could play with my sewing machine without fear.


Looking for the link for more information and to sign up here it is... Taster Day


Merry Christmas December 24 2023

Wishing all our 2023 Customers, Stockists, Friends and Family a very

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Amended Christmas Dates September 19 2023

Where to find us on the run up to Christmas!
Yorkshire Craft Festival- Made in Yorkshire Marquee, Parliament Street, York
Thursday 12th - 22nd October
York Christmas Market- Chalet Parliament Street
16th- 26th November
St Nicolas Fair- Guild Hall, York
Monday 4th- 17th December

Festive Christmas Craft Workshop September 19 2023

After the success of our tweed cushion making course back in April I have decided to create a lovely Festive Christmas Craft Workshop where you and your friends can enjoy creating tweed decorations, followed by a two course meal at the Black Bull Moulton.   

These workshops will supply an abundance of Yorkshires most beautiful Tweed fabric to sew with perfect for creating a cosy home vibe



Introducing our New Tweed Cushion making Course March 28 2023

Do you want to be the first to try our Brand new bespoke tweed cushion making course. It will be the only one available in 2023, due to time commitments however more will be available in 2024. booking will be available though my website from Thursday 30th March 2023

It takes 10 processes to get wool from sheep to cloth March 23 2023


Did you know?


Did you know it takes at least 10 processes to get wool from sheep to cloth? 

  • Shearing
  • Grading
  • Auction
Once the wool is sheared from the sheep it is then graded by hand and eye and sorted in to types these types are then sold at auction and can go on to sell worldwide.
  • Scouring
Once bought by the mill it arrives to be scoured which is similar to being cleaned and combed. This removes all impurities down to 0.3% of the fleece.
  • Dyeing
The wool will then be dyed using a precise combination of dye, pressure, temperature and time. The secret to creating beautiful rich colours is in the blend. Upto 7 different coloured wools can go into a recipe for each yarn.  
  • Carding
  • Combing
Here the wool is lubricated with water and oil and run through a series of combed rollers. This process will take out any of those last impurities and ensures the finished fabric will be smoot and soft to touch. It is then wound onto a spool ready for the spinning machines
  • Spinning
The wool is drawn out to put a precise number of twists per inch to create a strong thread. here the yarn get wound onto cones where it goes through a check to ensure the continuity of thickness. faults can also be removed here, the ends can be thermally joined rather than knotted like previous years. 
  • Weaving 
The cones of yarn are wound over a drum and a warp is made for weaving, depending on the pattern of the tweed these can be complicated. upto 2000 threads may be required for a width of fabric. These are all checked by hand and must be held in an exact order to ensure the pattern is accurate and uniform. mills now use an automatic rapier looms to take the weft across the warp thread. this can be capable of weaving 30,000meters of cloth per week. after this is woven a strict quality control process begins 
  • Finishing
 Every inch of fabric is inspected at 3 stages in the manufacturing process, when it comes off the loom, after finishing and before it leaves the factory. This ensures the consistency of the fabric quality. after weaving the fabric is scoured (washed) this removes the oils used to aid the manufacture of the fabric. treatments such as fire retardant and water resistant can be added at this stage. finally each length of fabric is pressed using steam and a specialised equipment to remove shrinkage. this completes the creation of tweed  

Colour Analysis- Winter March 13 2023


So you have had your colour analysis done and you are wondering which tweeds would go with your results for Winter.


 It is advised winter clients wear sharp and clear colours, navy blue, shocking pink, bright red, icy tones rather than pastels.

Also contrasting colours, red and green, black and white. 

based on these colours I would recommend you trying... 

Vibrant Skies

Cherry Red Check

Raspberry Daquiri

Espresso Martini

Colour Analysis- Autumn March 06 2023


Reading Autumn on your colour analysis, this post will guide you as to the tweeds that will suit you complexion. 


It is advised autumn clients wear warm shades of brown and red, colours with golden undertones such as camel, beige, orange and gold also muted colours such as rust, olive and mustard. 


based on these colours we would recommend you trying... 



Pumpin latte

Apple Orchard

Deep in the Forest

Colour Analysis - Summer February 27 2023


Hello Summer colour chart analysis 

Summer colour clients are advised to stay away from very dark colours instead wear light cool colours such as, pastels, soft neutrals with pink and blue undertones, colours such as sky blue, aqua and powder pink. 


based on these colours I would recommend you trying... 


Pheasant Tweed Skirt



Colour Analysis- Spring February 20 2023


Regularly I am asked what tweeds will go with my complexion, I have had my colours done and I am spring on the colour chart. so I have decided to put a blog based on spring analysis and in the coming months I will post with suggestions regarding the other colour seasons, summer, autumn and winter. 

These colours and tweeds will compliment you if you are a spring person based on your colour analysis.

It is also advised that spring clients wear warm colours such as, peach, golden yellow and light orange as well as bright and light colours such as lime green, lemon yellow and coral. 


based on these colours we would recommend you trying... 

Cinnamon Cidre

Fruit Salad

Blue Lagoon