Foxy Skirt June 25 2019

Brand NEW!!

Foxy Tweed Skirt

Now available online in Navy, Green or Checked tweed.

Royal Highland Show 2019 June 01 2019

A four-day celebration of the country’s best in farming, food and rural life... and I couldn’t agree more. An enjoyable day or couple of days for farming families.

We are looking forward to be exhibiting with rural crafts for this iconic Scottish event on the 20th June til 23rd June.

General public opening hours

Thursday-Saturday 7-8

Sunday 7-6


Top Product from May June 01 2019

This months most purchased product has been the checked tweed skirt with sheep trim (pictured above) seems all you ladies are loving the quirky sheep print contrast with the tweed check. 

How to wear the tweed snood April 18 2019


Been gifted one of our tweed snoods? Need help on how to wear one? Well here’s a video showing you how to wear your new accessory...


Helpful tips.... 

  1. make sure you have the suede loop in your left hand
  2. your right hand needs to hold the parallel corner 
  3. place the snood behind your head so that the middle of the snood is inline with the middle of your neck
  4. take your right hand and place the snood on your left collarbone
  5. take your left hand to your right collarbone where you should be able to find the coconut wooden button to loop on to. 

Their is is only one button to loop onto  this is because the friction of the two materials hold the first corner up. 

Badminton Horse Trials 2019 April 17 2019

Hurray, we are starting our first show of the season by heading down to South Gloustershire for Badminton Horse Trials.
This prestigious event was first held in 1949 by the 10th Duke of Beaufort and was said to have only had competitors from 2 countries , Britain and Ireland. So much has changed from then to today with many international competitors taking part. 
This year will be our first year for exhibiting at the Badminton Horse Trials event and we are really excited to be going. 

Come Find us  from the 1st May until the 5th in the Rural Crafts Marquee

Shopping opening hours: 

Wednesday 10-6

Thursday/Friday 9-6

Saturday 9-7 

Sunday 9-4

Summer 2019 Events March 31 2019

The summer events list has now been finalized, I am super excited for this summers events on the road with us attending a great range of shows. I would love to meet you at one of these events.



  • Badminton Horse Trials 

  • Royal Highland Show

  • Skelton Show

  • Driffield Show

  • Ryedale Show

  • Thornton le dale Show

  • Kilnsey Show

  • Westmorland County Show



Alternatively you will also be able to view a list of our stockiest under our events page if you are unable to make any of the shows.


Top product from March March 31 2019

Here we go... where did March go!? Really..  I don’t know about you but I’m still in January 🙃 

So after a beautiful February, March was fairly chilly with many of you getting some snow at some point. It looks like you have been reaching for some snug accessories this month the top selling product has been our mole tweed snood


Top product from February March 01 2019

Sporting tweed brooches


Sporting tweed brooches have proved very popular this February, making great gifts for loved ones or even just for you 😊 with multiple ways of styling them you can either attached to you hat, blazer or waistcoat. Alternatively you can use the slide to pin them into your hair.


If if you prefer our sporting tweed brooches without the cartridge center we also create our brooches with a plain gem center

10 things you didn’t know about me February 25 2019


Hello, I am planning  on creating more blog posts about myself and the business to give you some insight into my history first of all with a quick 10 things you didn’t know about me. 

  1. I grew up on my parents bull beef farm where I loved being outdoors, mainly playing with the dogs 
  2. I nearly went to bishop burton agricultural college to study animal behavior, but I freaked out at the taster day when they got out the snakes and one went down someone’s top. 
  3. After that I was too late to get into college to do a levels i opted for a btec in art and design which I thoughley enjoyed and would love to do again.
  4. From the age of 13 until university at 18 I competed in dog agility with my border collie, misty
  5. After college I went onto university to study fashion design, even though I didn’t know what I wanted to do at the end of it  and I nearly quit half way through I knew I enjoyed making things. And managed to complete the 3year course with a 2:1
  6. I have never broken any bones nor do I have any allergies 
  7. I use to ride as a youngster but never really enjoyed it,i preferred being the spectator. And since watched many of my sisters riding lessons. 
  8. I started the business after university when I decided I didn’t want city life no more and moved back home to my parents farm in North Yorkshire. 
  9. In 2016 I decided I wanted to travel so jumped on a plane to New Zealand, luckily I had a friend already living there but my parents weren’t happy me traveling so far alone. I have done this every winter since to catch the New Zealand summer and harvest. My parents seem less worried now. 
  10. Favorite meal... my Mums Sunday roast especially if it’s roast beef, Yorkshire puddings  and for and bramble pudding and custard.

I hope you enjoyed reading,you can take the girl out of Yorkshire but not Yorkshire out of the girl 🙃 xx

Top product from January February 01 2019

This year I will be posting our top products bought that month from you the customer, sometimes it will be a color theme and sometimes it will be product based so keep an eye on what’s popular 😊 

January has seen our tweed scruchies become very popular with a multiple selection of colours here are a few that have proved popular with you guys 😊





 more colors available at:

Roy’s Peak Challenge January 03 2019

For The past two years every December I have travelled to New Zealand to escape the winter here and spend the summer time abroad. Also my partner, Jonny  has lived and worked in New Zealand for the past 6years.
This year I headed out 2days after my final winter show in December. Leaving Manchester airport on a cold Monday afternoon for a long 27hour flight touching down in Dubai and Sydney before arriving in sunny Christchurch where Jonny was waiting for me.
My goal this years was to achieve the iconic Roy’s peak walk in Wanaka having heard about it last year. So a few days after arriving I had booked us a trip down to wanaka
With an elevation of 1578m this 6.50kms walk is described as medium on the difficulty scale. Many glorious pictures have been taken of this scenic walk and I wanted to add  some to my collection. Luckily When we set off I still had jet lag so the half 4wake up call wasn’t all so bad and I’m rather glad we had an early start for the beautiful sunrise over the mountains. It took us four and a half sweaty hours to do the climb with plenty of scenic camera snapping along the way. Once we reached the top high cloud meant we weren’t able to view the bottom and we just missed out on the iconic shot of Roy’s peak however we were able to take many other shots which were just as beautiful to us. Not an easy walk however I would recommend to anyone who loves a challenge.
Back to wanaka in time for lunch it was a quick shower before our afternoon treat to cardrona hotel, one of New Zealand’s oldest and iconic hotels and they do the best grazing platter!  We soaked up the sunshine on our bean bags in the garden whilst our legs began to burn from our walk, nothing a pint couldn’t solve, or a G&T for me 😊 
After our amazing grazing platter we decided to head back to wanaka for a dip in the lake (soothe the tired muscles) and to see the famous wanaka tree... one of the most photographed trees in the world. And I have to admit this tree had quite the fan club and I can understand why with it’s unusual yet  tranquil setting. 
Our first adventure of New Zealand 2018/2019 complete and one to tick off my goal list . Xx 

Size Guide November 06 2018

Size Guide regarding orders for skirts