5 Way to include Tweed into your style this spring!! April 10 2021

5 Tweed Clothing and Accessories your going to love wearing this Spring!! 


Tweed Ainderby Oversized Top - perfect for a spring evening BBQ with friends and family, now that we are allowed of course, style with white jeans for a light contrast and to take you through to summer 

Tweed Skirt - Taking you to the beers gardens this April... Pair with boots and bare legs if your feeling brave... alternatively pop on some tights and a bright coloured jumper. 

Tweed Jessica Snood -  We have been having some rather chilly mornings with a white frost most days. what I have found to be useful is one of our Jessica tweed snood, for when I'm dashing about, going to the yard ,to the supermarket or even walking the dog that extra layer makes all the difference. If you pair it with a light coloured hoodie this will lighten the tweed giving your those spring vibes with the warmth of tweed.

Tweed Hair Scrunchie - Spring can be months of mixed weather, we have multiple (what I call) false springs where you think spring has arrived then another bout of cold weather arrives. Also mornings can be chilly then we get a heatwave mid day followed by a blustery afternoon, what's even worse.. you get the uncontrollable hair to go with it making it perfect hair scrunchie weather avoid that drama of hair in your face yet look stylish and fashionable.

Also I have a discount on all out hair scrunchies at the moment, simply add discount code 2 for £12 at the checkout

Tweed Facemasks - it looks like our facemasks will be here for the foreseeable so lets make them classy whilst we are visiting shops, heading to the pub or perhaps in the working environment think wear Tweed!   

 If you have any suggestions of how to get tweed into you spring wardrobe send me a message I would love to hear them! 

New For Spring March 30 2021


New For Spring... The Ainderby Oversized Top 


The Ainderby oversized Tweed Top is designed to be layered perfect for spring when temperatures can be mixed. The scooped neckline and batwing sleeve are perfect for this and you can always layer with a crisp white shirt or alternatively a polo neck top for those chillier days or evenings... pair with one of our stylish tweed snoods for that extra layer yet looking smart with jeans or with a pair of white trousers. I am super excited to present to you two classic colours for you to choose from,

Dove Grey or Navy Herringbone.   



This is no April fools I will be launching this product on Thursday evening at 7.30 with my first ever live over on instagram!!


Busting Myths about Tweed- is it itchy? March 18 2021

Busting Myths about Tweed!  


Todays Myth Buster is all about tweed and the association of it being itchy? 

So first we need to look back at the associations we have with tweed...

A lot of people associate Tweed with being the hairy coarse fabric their father or grandfather once wore in a jacket. This is likely to have been that of the traditional Harris Tweed which is almost a special case as most normal tweed cloth is now made from more prepared yarns with finer and smoother threads, so it's important to realise that there is a big difference between Harris tweed and that of Yorkshire Woven tweed.

Secondly we need to look at the production of the Tweed... 

In the present day, we now have multiple varieties of different types and weights of Wool Tweed for example... Worsted Wool is prepared differently to Harris Tweed and in turn so is Yorkshire Woven Tweed. 

Worsted Wool Yarn is prepared by combing individual strands to lie in the same direction and removing the smaller (hairier lengths) this makes the wool, finer, stronger and generally a tighter woven tweed... regarded as a high quality fabric. 

Harris tweed yarn doesn't undergo this technique so the resulting spun thread and cloth are consequently a bit thicker, bit hairier(itchier) and appears to be bulkier even for the same weight.

Yorkshire Woven Tweed is somewhere in the middle, it is softer, thinner and finer than that of the Harris Tweed however not to the extreme of the Worsted Wool making it the perfect cloth for me to create my amazing accessories and clothing.

And finally when producing garments for my Tweedy customers I not only source the right Tweed fabric that is perfectly apt for its job, I also prevent the source of itching by creating a barrier with either a polyester fleece lining... in most of my accessories or polyester satin lining in my clothing. 

Do you still have questions about the itch in the material? Get in touch,  

Sarah x