3 things to consider when choosing a Hair Scrunchie May 11 2021

Your browsing the Hair Scrunchies and the choice is endless but you need to narrow down the options... be it in a shop or online these little tips are going to help you make the decision...

💜Hair colour- do you want the scrunchie to stand out or blend in? Because if you want it to blend in its pointless picking a purple scrunchie unless you have purple hair 😊

💜Eye colour- if you have blue eyes picking out a blue tweed scrunchie can really maximise the colour of you eyes. 👀 Same with green or brown eyes

💜Wardrobe colour - think about what colours you already wear, for me I love blue so picking a blue scrunchie or a colour that compliments blue means I will find it easier to style my hair scrunchie with my outfits.

These tips are aimed at helping you purchase a gift for you but they also work if you are purchasing for a friend or family member.

I will be restocking the website in the next few days, but here's a glimpse of what I shall be uploading... Shout out to me which colours you love!