3 ways to wear the Knotted Tweed Headband February 05 2022

Struggling with ideas of how to wear your new tweed headband... well here are some tips ...


casually with hair down

Forget 90's scrape your hair back with a hairband instead simply place your headband on top of your head leaving a few face framing pieces at the front. Its that easy, a casual yet stylish way to wear these popular headbands. for more va va voom try curling your hair! 

with a messy Bun 

Tie your hair into messy bun not forgetting to leave a few wispy bits at the front for a preferred undone look place headband tilted forward behind your ears. 

high Pony Tail

similar to the messy bun tie your hair in a high pony tail, again add the whispy bits and your good to go!